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Department has well maintained and equipped labs as mentioned below:-

1.Internet Lab 11.Software Technology Lab
2.Hardware Lab 12.Neural Network Lab
3.Programming Lab 13.Visual Basic Lab
4.Operating System Lab 14. C++ Language Lab
5.Database Designing Lab 15.Java Lab
6.Mobile Computing Lab 16.Linux Lab
7.Advance Technology Lab 17. FOCP Lab
8.Internet & Web Technology Lab 18.Algorithm Design Lab
9.Digital System Design Lab 19. Computer Graphics Lab
10.DBMS & Programming Lab 20.Data Structure Lab & Project Lab

B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering
Advancement in electronic and communication has transformed the world into global village. Communication technology includes connectivity from various medias such as cell phones, internet, satellites, that enable people to connect to anyone at anywhere in the world simply by a touch on button of mobile phone or computer. The courses at DRCET start with basics of electronic and move up gradually to feels of data communication, telecommunication, and satellite communication, encompassing such as WiFi, WiMax, Ethernet LAN and WAN, VPN ATMS, Frame Relay, Fibre Optics, Computer Telephone Integration, Convergence, Out of Home Media, Radio Frequency, Radars and Signals, GIS and GPS. DRCET is equipped with state of the art laboratory with the latest instrument such as spectrum analysis, logic analysis, and digital oscilloscopes etc. A center for excellence is being setup for specialization in various branches including groups such as, tele-infrastructure, wireless, unified messaging amongst others. D.R. College has on its list various experts and specialists from telecom industry enhance knowledge and capability of its students.

Department has well maintained and equipped labs as mentioned below:-

1.Electronics Circuit and Device Lab 9. Micro Processor Lab
2.Analog Electronics Lab 10. Microwave Engineering Lab
3.Digital Electronics Lab 11. Communication Engineering Lab
4.Electrical Technology 12. Data Communication Lab
5.Digital System Design Lab 13. Network Theory Lab
6.Embedded System Design Lab 14. EMI Lab
7.Digital Signal Processing Lab 15. Project Lab
8. Control System Lab  

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