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Though away from the urban setting, D R College of Engineering and Technology is equipped with all the amenities of a modern technical education. The institute has a Wi-Fi campus. The classrooms are spacious. The audio video aids makes learning a pleasurable experience. The institute also facilitates one to one personal tutor. It is equipped with world-class workshop consisting of different shops meeting the complete needs of the students. Staff Room, Boy’s Common Room, and Girl’s Common Room facilitate the students and the teachers with their distinctive spaces in the campus of this institute. D R College of Engineering & Technology can easily compete with any modern technical institute with the kind of amenities it provides. Medical facilities, pure drinking water and all other facilities have been provided so that the students can experience a world-class infrastructure. More importantly the eminent board members have visualized the complete overall development of students which raises their moral, ethical and human standards so that they are able to be future leaders and not just technocrats or managers in today’s global business environment. In nutshell it’s not just the state of the art infrastructure and reputed faculty but the whole approach that makes D.R. College stand apart from rest of the institutions making it the number one choice for all aspiring students in different disciplines.

Eco-Friendly Campus
To enable the student to acquire knowledge in a serene environment, the college is established in a pollution free atmosphere. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, D R College of Engineering & Technology provides an ambience that soothes the minds and the souls of the students. The institute firmly believes the fact that the learning experience extends far beyond the four walls of the classroom. Hence it has created a campus spread over a sprawling 10.26 acres of land in a picturesque and peaceful area taking into account the modern needs. Extra care has been taken to conserve greenery around the campus.

D R College of Engineering & Technology takes pride in having state-of-art labs equipped with the modern facilities that are named after legendary personalities to commemorate their contributions. It possesses Thomas Edison Electrical Technology Lab (Thomas Edison is one of the most prolific scientists in the history with more than 1093 inventions), Newton Physics Lab Newton described universal gravitation and the three laws of motion), Marie Curie Chemistry Lab (Marie curie discovered radium and won the Nobel Prize twice), John Baird Electronics Lab (John Baird invented television), Charles Babbage Computer Lab (Charles Babbage is called the Father of Computer) and Panini Language Lab (Panini wrote the first ever grammar in Sanskrit).

The library of the institute is a gateway to knowledge. It's a galaxy of books showing the right directions to the students in the path of advancement. Currently, the library has more than 7000 books. The cool ambience of the library offers the perfect atmosphere to the students to satisfy the thirst of knowledge. The library is also equipped with its digital segment that houses CDs and DVDs on all the relevant topics. It has more than 600 international e-journals. Apart from the texts, the library also has a number of reference books. Moreover, it subscribes a large number of national as well as international journals, magazines, newspaper etc.

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