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The most critical input of any college is its faculty. In realization of this great truth D.R. College introduced its rigorous selection process based on test, interview and guest lecturers to assess the suitability of teaching staff for the college known for quality education.
Once recruited the faculty is given opportunity for CPD i.e. continuous professional development through infrastructure and resources ofD.R. College as well as by sponsorships in seminars, intellectual meets, and interaction with other academia.
The faculty is particularly encouraged to work with industry so that practical education can be imparted to students along with theory so that they can churn out a job ready work force which is able to meet Requirement of prospective employers.
Faculty members are trained to develop a non threatening open environment in classroom that welcomes the students to express experiment and innovate his creativity rather than gaining bookish knowledge. For this various methods such as CBT, Multimedia, internet, Game based learning, real life simulation etc are used by faculty in which D.R. College trains them.
There is a periodic review based on student survey to identify gaps in teaching. These gaps are the filled appropriately through further training and d feedback as also new and innovative teaching tools and resources.
D.R. College has tied up with various educational institutes to maintain and improve quality of its teaching staff who are the best in education field.