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SUBJECT DETAILS - Information Technology
The utility of computers which are drivers for information age are totally dependent on the software that runs them. If the machine is body then software is the brain of the body and that is the reason for a large demand of software engineers throughout the globe. World over more and more students are choosing IT as a carrier option because it is now at the centre of business strategy and operations. D.R. College runs one of the most in-depth and advanced course of four years on information technology .The course develops logical thinking with organizations and its systems as the backdrop. After gaining knowledge of programming basics the students get exposed to different languages such as basic ,cobol,java etc. mastery of languages helps them in designing systems under guidance of faculty in real life situations to solve practical business problems. A sharp analytical mind is developed through understanding process involved in software engineering along with tools, utilities and methods. The students are then given an opportunity to test their contribution via my rid testing utilities. The course focuses on industry interaction with visiting faculty from top software development companies in both Indian and multinationals. These experts guide the budding professionals in not just the latest developments but also on project management skills required in top MNC companies along with other related areas such as CRM ,Networking, rodar, datacenters, grid computing, embedded systems etc to name a few. The aim and approach of the course is truly global with most advanced and latest resources to maintain and accelerate position of India as a top choice for software talent.