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SUBJECT DETAILS - Mechanical Engg.
Mechanical Engineering is the science of design, production, and maintenance of wide variety of machines, tools and gadgets. It is too general and broad based encompassing every conceivable automobiles, aviation, construction, Energy, gas, pharmacy and chemicals, transport, metals. Though the list is endless making it a very lucrative carrier option, the purpose behind doing the course is to build new and innovative products for the benefit of mankind. In D.R. College the approach starts with basic understanding of scientific and mathematical processes that underlay the functioning of various devices equipment and tools so that the student can fit into any industry type, even the advanced sector such as ROBOTICS AND NANO TECHNOLOGY. Students are exposed to all subjects such as hydraulics, instrumentation and measurement, pneumatics, thermo dynamics, solid mechanics, tribology and advanced technologies such as nano, robotics, renewable energy etc. The course modules are well defined and include specialised practical skills to design and prototype various products and machinery. D.R. College is also unique in the way that apart from technical skills knowledge of human resource management, communication skills and leadership is also transferred so that they can take both supervisory and Entrepreneurial assignments after completion of the degree. Emphasis is also on Research and development so that the dormant innovative streak so typical of Indian youth is developed for benefit of country. The course offers features of world class engineering to develop technocrats of 21st century.