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SUBJECT DETAILS - Electronic & Communication Engg.
Geography and distance have become meaningless thanks to Electronics and Communication technology which includes connectivity from various medias such as cell phone, internet ,satellite enabling people to reach out just by a touch on button of their mobile phone or computer. The function of communication engineer is to plan, analyze, design, implement operate, maintain and finally manage these systems and networks which are as wide as universe itself. The course at D.R. College of engineering starts with basics of electronics and moves up gradually to fields of data communication, telecommunication, satellite communication, encompassing subjects such as wiFi, WiMax, ethernet, umts, lan and wan networks, VPN ATMS, Frame relay, Fiber optics, computer telephone Integration, convergence, out of home media, Radio frequency, Radars and signals, GIS and GPS. The College has state of the art laboratory with latest instruments such as spectrum analyses, logic analyses, and digital oscilloscopes etc. A Centre for excellence is being set up for specialization in various branches including groups such as vas ,mnvo, tele infrastructure, wireless, unified Messaging amongst others. D.R. College has on its list various experts and specialists from telecom industry to further knowledge and capability of its students. It is anticipated that these students would be in the forefront of Rural Telephony and last mile connectivity of united India with communication for all.