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SUBJECT DETAILS - Computer Science & Engg.
In the digital age computer science is at the core of all devices, machines and gadgets. It is impossible to function as a citizen of new age without background of computers. D.R. College offers its prestigious course in a student friendly way where in basic principles along with fundamentals o computers are taught first. The theoretical lessons start with anatomy of computing machine giving practical insight into what a computer is composed of at a basic level and how different units interact with one the students is then exposed to principles underlying the architecture such as binary system, CPU, memory, IO devices, logic design, and microcontrollers. The knowledge of systems software and programming languages is the next step after which advanced technologies such as robotics, Ai, nanotech; cloud computing, virtual machines, virtual Reality etc are offered as electives. the main idea behind the course is to enable the student understanding attribute of computers and logical background of its mechanism so that they can be ready to design the next generation technology which is in consonance with smart machines required in ever changing digital world. India is home to host of multinational such as IBM, Texas Instruments, Cisco, Intel to name a few .The students after successful completion of course can look forward to jobs in such companies. The whole course is designed with strong scope for practicalís along with theory which will make them ready for entry level engineering employment starting from palmtops to supercomputer used in satellite, defense and nuclear establishments. D.R. College is member of various international bodies and computer societies which would be useful to students in getting the most up to date information on various developments.